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Dr S.T. Sathya Meonah

Dr S.T. Sathya Meonah is a hardcore researcher and a passionate writer with all the needed professional education in basic science and Medical writing.

Contact: drsathya@medhealthwrite.com


Sathya has worked with us, without a second thought, in projects that were extremely difficult to complete and has delivered fantastic quality within restricted timelines. She is a good human being, a skilled writer, and definitely a master of transforming data into literature with finesse and subtlety. I have personally reviewed her work many a time, and I must admit it is near to impeccable. Good going Sathya, and my team is excited about the improved accessibility that you offer on your new site: www.medhealthwrite.com.
Soham De
Co-Founder WindEssentials, Sr. Editor (Medical & Science Communication), Priorities: Medical Writing ~Travel ~Knowledge Mumbai, Maharashtra, India