Dr S.T. Sathya Meonah


Is primarily a core medical and health writing website, helping clients of medical, pharma and health-oriented niches with documents related to health writing, research and pharma.

Dr S.T. Sathya Meonah

Freelance medical writer

Dr S.T. Sathya Meonah is a hardcore researcher and a passionate writer with all the needed professional education in basic science and Medical writing. Her passion for writing gave the direct transit from the laboratory table to the writing desk. She has a PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Microbiology with post graduate diploma in Medical and Health Writing. With six years of experience in the field, she can turn your raw data into research papers and hone your mediocre articles into fine deliverables.

Her works are flavoured with a blend of creativity and professionalism.

Why Choose Me?

I have a good foundation in core life science, my quality will be in-depth, with and state of the art information on ongoing research and careful attention to minute details. I am also highly punctual and more flexible to the client’s needs and urgencies.
I have worked with small businesses, start-ups, academicians, natural health professionals and medical professionals. My regular clients include corporate companies, pharmaceutical companies, CROs and medico marketing firms.

Developing high quality content within said timelines.

Our client companies include: